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Was Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Copied from Krishna?

Copied From Krishna? What would you say if someone told you the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection were copied from earlier pagan stories? Over 100 years ago, a guy named Kersey Graves talked about Jesus and Krishna. He said Jesus wasn’t unique among religious figures. Fans of his work were convinced the Hindu figure […]

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The Empty Tomb of Jesus – A True Story?

The Empty Tomb of Jesus Ever seen that movie, Risen? It’s all about how a Roman soldier named Clavius was ordered to find Jesus’ body after it went missing shortly after the crucifixion. Although the movie is fiction, the premise is based on a true story: The story of Jesus’ empty tomb. You get a few seconds of it portrayed […]

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My Radio Interview – Is the Virgin Birth Real?

My Interview on U2 Have Hope On this episode of U2 Have Hope, Carrie Cooper talks with me about the Virgin Birth, focusing on 3 alleged parallel stories from the ancient world.  What do Christians need to know in order to respond to the challenge that the story of Jesus’ virginal conception was copied from other religions? […]

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The Virgin Birth – Did the Church Make Up Jesus’ Virgin Birth?

Did The Virgin Birth Really Happen? What would you say if someone asked you if the story of Jesus’ virgin birth was real, or if it was copied from other religions? In this post, you see how to think through a few challenges to the historicity of the Virgin Birth. First, we’ll answer the question “Was […]

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Is Good Friday a Myth? What 5 Ancient, Non-Christian Writings Reveal

Is Good Friday a Myth? “Good Friday? What’s the difference between Good Friday and a fairytale?” Imagine a skeptical relative asked you this question at a family gathering. I know–Awkward. But really, what would you say? Something similar happened to me when I was a teenager. But what was odd about it was that this […]

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The Resurrection of Jesus: An Unlikely Easter Conversation

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally One Easter, a relative cornered me at a family reunion and wanted to talk about the resurrection of Jesus. Let’s just call her my dear Aunt Sally. Some people try to stay away from politics and religion a parties. Not Aunt Sally. :-) Aunt Sally took a Religious Studies class […]

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