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Apologetics Event Tip #1 – Build a Leadership Team

Event Planning Tips for Apologetics Ministry Leaders Ever dream of bringing a special apologetics conference to your church? Today, I’m launching a new series of monthly videos for ministry leaders who have a vision for organizing their first apologetics event. In these clips, I’ll share some quick “tips from the road” that will help you begin to think about […]

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5 Useful Facts for Defending the Resurrection of Jesus

Defending the Resurrection of Jesus in Everyday Conversations In this accessible apologetics video, I train Christians to defend the resurrection of Jesus in everyday conversations, focusing on the “minimal facts” approach I learned from Dr. Gary Habermas. My goal here is to help you remember some good talking points, so you’ll have them ready when you need […]

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How to Run an Accessible Apologetics Conference – Free Course

Want to Bring an Apologetics Event to Your Church? I remember being so excited the first time I dared to dream big about doing something like this—but it was also kind of scary! I had all kinds of questions, like: “Who could I invite to speak?” “How much is this gonna cost?” “How do I even […]

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Student Guest Post: “One of the Greatest Things I’ve Ever Done”

Today, I’m pleased to feature an exclusive guest post from one of my former undergraduate students, Haley Morris—a recent graduate from William Jessup University (WJU) in Rocklin, CA who says that taking my World Religions course was one of the best things she ever did. See how Haley got more grounded in her faith and more confident as […]

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Is Good Friday a Myth? What 5 Ancient, Non-Christian Writings Reveal

Is Good Friday a Myth? “Good Friday? What’s the difference between Good Friday and a fairytale?” Imagine a skeptical relative asked you this question at a family gathering. I know–Awkward. But really, what would you say? Something similar happened to me when I was a teenager. But what was odd about it was that this […]

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DVD Review – What’s In the Bible? Series for Kids

9 Fine DVDs for Children Looking for a great gift for a kid? This DVD series from Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer caught my attention when me and my 8-year old saw a clip playing at the Dallas Theological Seminary bookstore. Why? Cause it had a puppet named Buck Denver in it. And I instantly remembered […]

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Did Jesus Have a Wife? – A Simple Response to The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife So your skeptical friend just heard about something called, “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” But unlike the fiction Dan Brown created in the Da Vinci Code, this wasn’t in a movie or a novel. She just caught another sensational segment on the evening news talking about how controversial this new find is and […]

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Student Guest Post – “My Life-Changing Apologetics Class”

As the Fall semester comes to a close, I’m pleased to feature an exclusive guest post from one of my undergraduate students, Corinne Hudson—a senior at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA who says that an apologetics class should be required for all Christian college students. See how this semester gave Corinne the confidence she needed to be […]

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Online Course: Study Christian Apologetics with Mikel

Learn to Defend Your Faith with Confidence… Online Looking for accessible apologetics training that works with your busy schedule? A number of people have contacted me asking, “When are you going to offer an online apologetics class?” The answer is “Now.” As an Adjunct Professor of Apologetics at William Jesusp University, I’ve taken my classroom […]

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The Jesus Myth Theory: Investigating Claims of Copying

Is Jesus a Myth? That’s a question more people are asking, especially after Zeitgeist, the Movie got popular. In this post, my friend, Mary Jo Sharp, shows you 3 simple steps you can use to figure out if Jesus’ story was actually ripped off from other religions. Mary Jo blogs at Confident Christianity. Guest Post by […]

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