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The Christmas Story – Beyond Apologetics

Experiencing the Christmas Story Every December, I see a couple of approaches to Jesus’ birth on Christian blogs: Articles that approach the Christmas story from the perspective of “How Jesus came to Earth,” looking at it in light of what the Gospels tell about who Jesus turns out to be. Or, you get an apologetics […]

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My Radio Interview – Is the Virgin Birth Real?

My Interview on U2 Have Hope On this episode of U2 Have Hope, Carrie Cooper talks with me about the Virgin Birth, focusing on 3 alleged parallel stories from the ancient world.  What do Christians need to know in order to respond to the challenge that the story of Jesus’ virginal conception was copied from other religions? […]

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The Virgin Birth – Did the Church Make Up Jesus’ Virgin Birth?

Did The Virgin Birth Really Happen? What would you say if someone asked you if the story of Jesus’ virgin birth was real, or if it was copied from other religions? In this post, you see how to think through a few challenges to the historicity of the Virgin Birth. First, we’ll answer the question “Was […]

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Did Luke Mess Up on the Timing of the Christmas Story?

Qurinius’ Census Each Christmas, I hear the story of Jesus’ birth read publicly from the Gospel of Luke. And it often seems like the timing of Jesus’ birth and the census under some guy named Quirinius gets read pretty quickly, almost like it’s an unnecessary interjection no one really cares about. For most people, it […]

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