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I’ve presented at events featuring scholars like William Lane CraigJ.P. Moreland, Dan Wallace and my mentor, Darrell Bock. As a former youth pastor, I’ve trained young people at student leadership conferences at Azusa Pacific University and Biola University. I’ve also spoken at over 300 weekend church services.

As an adjunct professor, I’ve taught Christian Apologetics courses at Western Seminary and William Jessup University, where I currently teach my fully-accredited online courses in Apologetics and World Religion while living in Dallas, Texas. I also conduct church workshops to train youth and young adult groups in a way that’s simple to get and easy to remember.

In short, I help Christians defend the faith with confidence.

Here’s some of what I’ve done for others:

Selected Plenary Presentations

Selected Workshops & Training

What can I do for you? Talk to me about:

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Here’s a sampling of my existing programs

Standalone Conference Presentations

These presentations are like good jazz or blues guitar music. They don’t sound the same night after night. I keep things fresh and customize each presentation to fit your audience, time limits and event.

Did Jesus Say He Was GodDid Jesus Say He Was God?
This presentation explores 5 ways the historical Jesus’ words and works point to his deity. Your attendees will discover how Jesus’ early followers came to believe he was divine, how the combination of things he said and did gradually revealed his divine authority, and how his bodily resurrection vindicates his claims to deity.


All_religions_True_smallAre All Religions True? This youth-friendly talk is the only one I do with a sidekick: My inflatable baby elephant! No joke. I use the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant to illustrate the fact that Christianity is a voice of humility in an age of arrogance. Your students will think through 3 popular ways people tend to think about religion and learn one simple way to show that they can’t all be true.


problem-of-evil-apologetics-guyDoes Evil Disprove God? This talk shows how the problem of evil—which seems to be an argument against God—turns out to be an argument for God. In this practical talk, your group will discover the logical, evidential and emotional challenges presented by evil and contrast the atheist alternative with the hope that we have in Jesus. I drive right into the tough questions and end on a positive and uplifting note.


resurrection-apologetics-guyDid Jesus Rise From The Dead? This lesson presents five historical facts that support the resurrection of Jesus. Your attendees will learn to easily memorize these facts using pictures and simple mnemonic devices. I also show how I used these facts to navigate a conversation with a skeptical relative during Easter time. This ends on a very confident note and is a great talk to close out your event! [Watch the full-length talk]


Using Stories, Objects and Illustrations. This fast-paced presentation helps your group make ideas that have to do with defending the faith simple to get and easy to remember. From everyday responses to the problem of evil, the evidence for God and  our need for Jesus, I share practical illustrations that people at your event can use in conversations the very next day.  [Watch the full-length talk]


The Accessible Apologetics Workshops

Introduction to Apologetics: Why Defend My Faith? This makes a great introduction to an apologetics series. You’ll dive into Scripture to discover the importance of being prepared to give reasons for what you believe. You’ll also practice giving biblical responses to popular “Christian” objections to apologetics.


Faith and Reason: How Do I Know Christianity is True? Discover the relationship of faith and reason as well as the difference between knowing and showing Christianity is true. You’ll also learn how to respond to popular slogans like, “That’s true for you, but not for me.”


Evidence for God: Is God Real? You’ll learn three arguments for the existence of God based on creation, design and morality. I’ll explain how the solution to the problem of evil can make a huge difference in the way we face tough times.


Fact or Fiction: Can I Trust My Bible? Discover how we can know that Old Testament and the New Testament are reliable, historical documents. You’ll learn how to respond to claims that the Bible has been changed or that entire books of the Bible have been suppressed or lost.


Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?  Learn how to confidently discuss the evidence for Jesus’ historic resurrection with seekers and skeptics alike. Discover five historical facts, using mnemonic devices and memorable visuals, which both build the case for Jesus’ resurrection and expose the flaws of naturalistic challenges.


Want to Bring Accessible Apologetics to Your Group?

Let’s talk. Tell me how I can come alongside your group and help Christians defend the faith with confidence. Thanks for stopping by!