Accessible Apologetics

The Complete Course

You asked for it! Here’s the entire Accessible Apologetics Curriculum in one convenient package–the leader’s guides, students guides, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Grab this download and you’ll be well-equipped to bring accessible apologetics to your group. These lessons are simple to teach, easy to get and fun to learn!

You’ll enjoy using games, physical objects, illustrations, memory devices and more while introducing your group to key issues in defending the faith.

Lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction to Christian Apologetics: Why Defend my Faith?
  2. Faith and Reason: How Do I Know Christianity is True?
  3. Evidence for God: Is God Real?
  4. Fact or Fiction: Can I Trust My Bible?
  5. Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Downloads: Course outline (PDF)Free sample: Lesson 1 – Leader’s Guide (PDF)

This series series is focused on increasing the confidence of Christians by exploring reasons and evidences for the faith, and preparing each student to be a more effective ambassador of Jesus.

Duration: 5 to 10 weeks (Each of the five lessons will easily take two 45-minute sessions or just one 1 & 1/2 hour session)

Each user-friendly lesson includes:

  • An attention-grabbing introduction
  • A big-picture lesson overview
  • Clear class objectives
  • Detailed speaking notes
  • Primary Scriptures
  • Options for allotting your class time
  • Teaching prep and lesson
  • Interactive elements
  • Suggested physical objects and memory devices
  • Opening questions to get things started
  • Summary discussion questions
  • Suggested application
  • A memory verse
Apologetics Student Notes

But wait. You’ll get way more than just the lesson when you purchase this complete resource. I’ve done a lot more work to further simplify your teaching and save you even more time. You’ll be equipped with the same materials I use for my training workshops!

The complete resource also includes:

  • Professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations
  • Ready-to-print PowerPoint handouts for those who missed the sessions
  • Student lesson outlines with blanks, key definitions and works cited for further study
  • An amazing user license: Print FIFTY (50) student outlines from EACH lesson!
  • Bonus! Suggested e-mails, texts, tweets, and Facebook status updates (if your group’s into that stuff!)

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