Want to Help Your Group Defend the Faith with Confidence?

Here’s a Simple, Effective Way to Bring Accessible Apologetics Training to Your Group—

Even if you’ve never taught this stuff before.

If you want to help Christians defend the faith with confidence, we’ve got something in common. You get how important it is to know what we believe and why we believe it. Maybe you’ve devoured incredible apologetics books and you’re dying to share everything you learned. But making it accessible to people who are totally new to this whole thing can seem tough. Where do you begin?

I know where you’re at. I’ve been there, too.

I remember searching high and low for a curriculum that’s easy to teach. Something that focuses on the essentials of the faith—not someone’s economic views or debates about the age of the earth. Something that wouldn’t scare people off with a lot of technical, philosophical terms. I needed something my group could really get. That’s why I finally created this:

The Accessible Apologetics Curriculum for Youth and Adults

If you want to introduce your group to apologetics in a way that’s simple to get and easy to remember—and you don’t have a ton of time to prep—these lessons are for you.

Just imagine: No more wading through a bunch of heady material, trying to come up with a way to explain it all and make it practical at the same time. Better yet, download a sample lesson right now—totally FREE. You’ll see this sample lesson isn’t just a bunch of blog posts thrown together in a PDF file. This is a carefully-crafted, 22-page document with over 4,000 words that will truly help you develop future defenders of the faith.

Download a Sample Lesson

Simplify Your Ministry and Save Time

No need to re-invent the wheel. I’ve put this resource together for you based on my M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and over 10 years of experience in teaching and training students. I took the way I personally learned to defend the faith from expert apologists like Craig Hazen, Gary Habermas, J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig, and made it really approachable for people who are totally new to this whole thing.

Mikel Del Rosario, Christian Apologetics Professor, Speaker and Trainer:

Whether it’s an adult Sunday school class, small group, high school youth group, homeschool network or anything else—you can really teach this stuff! With the Accessible Apologetics curriculum, you’ll save time, simplify your ministry and see people in your group increase their confidence in the Christian faith. 

Read What Expert Apologists are Saying

Dr. Craig Hazen, Director of the Christian Apologetics Program at Biola University:

Mikel is one of the brightest young apologists on the scene today. Accessible Apologetics will help you raise the bar of learning in your church. He has put everything together to help you have a “senior professor’s polish” in your presentation the first time you teach through it. I can’t recommend his material more highly. Your church and students will be very impressed.

Dr. J.P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology:

I’m excited about Mikel’s work on behalf of apologetics. I’m supporting his teaching, his speaking ministry and his Accessible Apologetics training program.

Here’s What You’ll Cover

The Accessible Apologetics curriculum includes five engaging lessons for everyday defenders of the faith.


Buy This Lesson PackLesson 1 – Introduction to Christian Apologetics: Why Defend My Faith?

You’ll answer the questions, “What is Christian Apologetics?” and “Why Defend My Faith?” You’ll help your group learn to defend without getting defensive, argue without being argumentative, and speak the truth in love.  By the end of the lesson, your group will see how apologetics fits into their personal discipleship to Jesus.

Have fun using a ping pong ball to help people remember how Jesus and his disciples gave people reasons to believe. Small groups will develop thoughtful responses to “Christian” objections to apologetics like, “People don’t come to faith in Christ through apologetics.” Download this Lesson Pack.

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Lesson 2 – Faith and Reason: How Do I Know Christianity is True?

You’ll answer the questions, “Do faith and reason mix?” and “How do I know Christianity is true?” Your class will discover the difference between knowing and showing that Christianity is true. By the end of the lesson, they’ll understand their role and the role of the Holy Spirit in personal evangelism.

You’ll also help your group understand relativism, identify self-refuting statements, and learn three strategic questions for no-pressure, spiritual conversations. Small groups will develop thoughtful responses to relativistic slogans like, “That’s true for you, but not for me.” Download this Lesson Pack.

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Lesson 3 – Evidence for God: Is God Real?

You’ll answer the question, “Are there good reasons to believe God is real?” Your group will discover three arguments for the existence of God and learn how even the suffering we go through shows us God is real. By the end of the lesson, they’ll have some good talking points to share with their skeptical friends and family members.

You’ll have fun using an impromptu skit, a deck of cards and even a Magic 8 ball or Scrabble tiles to help people remember how to explain that God is the creator, designer and moral law-giver of the universe. Download this Lesson Pack.


Lesson 4 – Fact or Fiction: Can I Trust My Bible? Buy This Lesson Pack

You’ll answer the questions, “Did God speak to us?” and “Can I trust my Bible?” You’ll introduce your class to three signs of the Bible’s supernatural origin, and train them to show how the Old Testament and the New Testament are reliable, historical documents. By the end of the lesson, they’ll be able to respond to the charge that the Bible has been changed or that entire books of the Bible have been suppressed or lost.

You’ll have fun using games and physical props to make your points. You’ll show your students how close today’s Bible is to some of the oldest biblical manuscripts in the world. Download this Lesson Pack.

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Lesson 5 – Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? 

You’ll introduce your class to the historical evidence surrounding the resurrection of Jesus, and train them to answer challenges to this historical event. By the end of the lesson, they’ll have some good talking points to share with their friends, family members and co-workers who ask us about the hope that we have in Jesus.

Your group will have fun with lively a drawing game which gives everyone vivid memory devices for each of the main points. You’ll also have the option of helping your students actually memorize some of this material by making them a cup of tea. No joke! Download this Lesson Pack.


The Accessible Apologetics Curriculum is a Flexible 5 to 10-Week Series

Each of the five lessons will easily take two 45-minute sessions or just one 1 & 1/2 hour sessionDo it over 5 sessions or 10 sessions. You can also choose to grab individual lessons in the series to create your own custom class. It’s totally up to you.

Need more details? Check out the complete course outline:

Download the Course Outline

Rave Reviews from Apologetics Speakers & Trainers

Brian Auten, Founder of Reasonable Faith Belfast and Apologetics 315:

How is the content? In a word, excellent. If you are teaching an introduction to apologetics for a small group, you will either get this course, or you will create it yourself! This curriculum is a winner.
Full Review

Mary Jo Sharp, Founder of Confident Christianity:

Mikel is a great communicator of even difficult concepts, using humor and light-heartedness to enhance the learning experience… I recommend Accessible Apologetics for any group who wants a solid introduction to apologetics for their church.
Full Review

Dr. Holly OrdwayAuthor of Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith:

Accessible Apologetics lives up to its name. I don’t know of anything like it currently available: a complete instructional package, with solid content and sound pedagogy, ready to use out-of-the-box. Well done, Mikel!
Full Review  PDF Version

The Accessible Apologetics Curriculum is a Complete Teaching Resource

Here’s What You’ll Get

Everything you need to lead a successful apologetics class that helps your group defend the faith with confidence.

Five Lessons For Everyday Defenders of the Faith

  1. Introduction to Christian Apologetics: Why Defend my Faith?
  2. Faith and Reason: How Do I Know Christianity is True?
  3. Evidence for God: Is God Real?
  4. Fact or Fiction: Can I Trust My Bible?
  5. Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Each User-Friendly Lesson Includes:

  • An attention-grabbing introduction
  • A big-picture lesson overview
  • Clear class objectives
  • Detailed speaking notes
  • Primary Scriptures
  • Options for allotting your class time
  • Teaching prep and lesson
  • Interactive elements
  • Suggested physical objects and memory devices
  • Opening questions to get things started
  • Summary discussion questions
  • Suggested application
  • A memory verse

Apologetics Student NotesBut that’s actually not everything. I want to give you more.

You’ll get way more than just the lessons when you download this complete resource.

Many groups have people who learn best by seeing, underlining things, highlighting and writing stuff down. But I understand how much extra time it takes to put together an effective Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or even just a good handout or fill-in-the-blank outline. I know how tough this can be, especially for volunteer ministry leaders who are juggling responsibilities at work, with the family and life in general.

No problem. You won’t be scrambling to create visual aids or find blank pieces of paper to pass out as people are showing up to your session. I’ve done a lot more work to further simplify your teaching and save you even more time. You’ll be equipped with the same materials I use to conduct my training workshops at area churches!

This Complete Teaching Resource also Includes:

  • Professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations for each and every lesson
  • Ready-to-print PowerPoint handouts for those who missed the sessions
  • Student lesson outlines with blanks, key definitions and works cited for further study
  • An amazing user license: Print FIFTY (50) student outlines from EACH lesson!
  • Bonus! Suggested e-mails, texts, tweets, and Facebook status updates (if your group’s into that stuff!)


Get Instant Access Now

You can download the entire Accessible Apologetics Curriculum in one convenient zip file. At $149.95, it’s a great deal that will simplify your ministry and save you time. But with the current sale price of only $97, each lesson works out to an investment of less than $2 per person for a group of just 10 participants! Note: This is a digital resource only. No physical products will be shipped to you. Here’s how to get instant access to all of this material right now:

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