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New Lesson on Faith and Reason

Want to bring accessible apologetics training to your group? I’m calling November “Accessible Apologetics” month! Each Friday, I’ll be releasing a new offering from the new Accessible Apologetics curriculum I wrote for just you. Today, I’m officially releasing Lesson 2, which is called, “Faith and Reason: How Do I Know Christianity is True?” It’s Christians […]

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New Book on the Resurrection

6 years ago, one of my favorite books on defending the historical resurrection of Jesus was published: “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” by Gary Habermas and Mike Licona. I’m indebted to both of these authors for a lot of my knowledge in this area. Ever attended one of my workshops on Jesus’ resurrection? […]

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The Monthly Report

Mikel is back! Even though apologetics isn’t about apologizing, today’s post begins with an apology to my readers: I’m sorry the blog hasn’t been updated much apart from a daily tweet or two recently. I’ve been super-busy teaching and preparing my apologetics training materials. But the good news is you’ll soon be able to benefit from the […]

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Mikel on Apologetics 315

Heard the latest Apologist Interview on Apologetics 315? Brian Auten regularly interviews national speakers and expert apologists for his international audience. Some of his recent apologist interviews include conversations with Biola University Professors Doug Geivett, Scott Smith, Craig Hazen, Clay Jones and J.P. Moreland. So one day, he contacts me and invites me to be […]

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Apologetics Class at Bridgeway

Hey, local friends! We’re kicking off the first night of my  Defending the Faith series at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin this Saturday. This is a practical, 5-week course on presenting reasons to believe Christianity is true. It’s a user-friendly introduction to Christian Apologetics based on my new Accessible Apologetics Curriculum and the classes are […]

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Accessible Apologetics Curriculum

Big news. I’m launching my brand-new Accessible Apologetics curriculum soon! I feel like my readers are a part of my ministry and I want to celebrate with you! [Edit: The curriculum is now available here! ] Check out a sample lesson right now—totally FREE. This isn’t just a bunch of blog posts thrown together in […]

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Small Church Apologetics

Want to get apologetics into your church? Don’t think you’re too small to start something powerful that equips your people to defend the faith. Over the next few posts, Ill show you how I worked to get apologetics training into small, medium and large churches—both as a pastor and volunteer apologist. The first time I […]

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Apologetics In Your Church

Seen this yet? My friend, Brian Auten, has been running an excellent series of posts called “How to Get Apologetics in Your Church” at Apologetics 315. It’s got stories, experiences, and advice from everyday believers who wanted to start their own local apologetics programs. Check it out and grab some great ideas for your own […]

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Terrorists and Moral Values

“How can you say there are objective moral values when Muslim terrorists sincerely believe it is right to kill infidels?” This was a question William Lane Craig got after his talk, “Arguments for the Existence of God.” Here’s his answer in a nutshell: Just because terrorists think terrorism’s a good thing, that doesn’t mean objective […]

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Missing Ending Exposed

Ever heard the parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant? While teaching Religion at University of Phoenix, I discovered this story in our textbook: “A famous story illustrates the relativity of truth. Several blind men touch the same elephant but experience it quite differently. The first man touches the ear and says it is a […]

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