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Class at William Jessup University

This morning, I’m teaching the first session of my new World Religions course as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University. I’m really excited about this year. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll begin teaching 4 new classes at 3 different schools! All this to say, I’ll do my best to keep up with […]

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Traction Workshop Resources

Greetings from the Traction Conference! This post is mostly a follow-up for young adults who attended my workshops, although I hope it’ll be helpful to everyone who’s reading this. There’s no way I could totally cover everything I wanted to share at the event, so I’ve included a few extra resources right here.  Enjoy! (more…)

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Traction Student Conference

This week, the 2011 Traction Conference is going on at Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin, CA. I’m leading a couple of workshops for college students and young adults around the greater Sacramento area. Check out my video introduction, featured at the very top of the list of 70 workshops happening at the event: Here’s my […]

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New Year’s Challenge

Guess what my 6-year old did with some Christmas money he got from his great grandma this year. He bought this NIV Gift and Award Bible for himself. He was so excited to have “a big boy Bible,” and not a children’s Bible to read. He took it out of the packaging as soon as […]

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Accessible Apologetics: The Complete Course

Want to bring accessible apologetics to your group? Today, I’m releasing all 5 lessons of the Accessible Apologetics curriculum in one convenient download: Accessible Apologetics: The Complete Course (5 to 10-week series). You’ll have the same materials I use to teach my workshops—the leader’s guides, students guides, professionally-designed PowerPoint presentations and more. I’m talking about […]

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New Lesson on Jesus’ Resurrection

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? What evidence do we have? Today, I’m releasing Lesson 5  of my new Accessible Apologetics curriculum: “Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” I’ve had a lot of people requesting my notes from this workshop. Now, you can have the exact same materials I use—down to the […]

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New Lesson on Trusting the Bible

Anyone ever ask you if we can really trust our Bibles? Today, I’m releasing Lesson 4 of my new Accessible Apologetics curriculum: “Fact or Fiction: Can I Trust My Bible?” You get flexibility with these. Each lesson can go for two 45-minute sessions or you can teach it straight through, depending on your group. You’ll […]

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Why Study Apologetics?

Ever met a Christian who told you not waste your time studying apologetics? I’ve known some well-meaning, but seriously misinformed believers who look down on the practice of providing evidence for the truth of Christianity. Why learn to give people reasons to believe? Here’s a quick response: Because Jesus gave people reasons to believe (See […]

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Craig Meets Dawkins

This morning, William Lane Craig is in Mexico participating in a panel debate at La Cuidad De Las Ideas called, “Does the Universe Have a Purpose?” It’s part of the third annual Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes (International Festival of Great Minds). This year, the conference theme is: “The Origins of the Future—A Life Experience: […]

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New Lesson on Evidence for God

Want to train your group to defend the faith? Today, I’m officially releasing Lesson 3 of the Accessible Apologetics curriculum: “Evidence for God: Does God Exist?” It’s full of good stuff I learned from people like William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland, William Dembski, and others—presented in a way that’s totally approachable. You’ll have fun teaching […]

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