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The Christmas Story – Beyond Apologetics

Experiencing the Christmas Story Every December, I see a couple of approaches to Jesus’ birth on Christian blogs: Articles that approach the Christmas story from the perspective of “How Jesus came to Earth,” looking at it in light of what the Gospels tell about who Jesus turns out to be. Or, you get an apologetics […]

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Were Jesus’ Disciples Illiterate Peasants?

Were Jesus’ Disciples Illiterate Peasants? The New Testament was originally written in Greek. But some skeptics say this shows many New Testament books must have been forged–that the people who wrote them probably weren’t Jesus’ disciples. Why? Because most 1st century Jews living where Jesus lived couldn’t read or write at all. Since Jesus’ disciples spoke […]

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Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus – Podcast

Podcast on Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Did Jesus really rise from the dead? While many Christians have no problem immediately answering “yes,” most people want more evidence for the resurrection of Jesus than “the Bible tells me so.” Before they even consider giving this idea the time of day, they want to know if this is all […]

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The Empty Tomb of Jesus – A True Story?

The Empty Tomb of Jesus Ever seen that movie, Risen? It’s all about how a Roman soldier named Clavius was ordered to find Jesus’ body after it went missing shortly after the crucifixion. Although the movie is fiction, the premise is based on a true story: The story of Jesus’ empty tomb. You get a few seconds of it portrayed […]

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Have We Lost the Message of the New Testament?

Lost the Plot? Have we somehow lost the message of the New Testament through irreparable corruptions of the text? That’s what some people wonder when the conversation turns to the issue of textual variants—differences in the biblical manuscripts we’ve discovered over the years. Maybe you’ve got a friend or a co-worker who tends to be pretty skeptical of the Bible right from the get-go. For […]

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The Virgin Birth – Did the Church Make Up Jesus’ Virgin Birth?

Did The Virgin Birth Really Happen? What would you say if someone asked you if the story of Jesus’ virgin birth was real, or if it was copied from other religions? In this post, you see how to think through a few challenges to the historicity of the Virgin Birth. First, we’ll answer the question “Was […]

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Forgery in the Bible: Was Mark’s Gospel Forged?

Forgery in the Bible? Was the Gospel of Mark really just an old forgery? That’s something you might hear liberal scholars say about a lot of books in the New Testament. For example, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy wrote this in a book called the Jesus Mysteries: In the first four centuries, every single [New Testament] document was at […]

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3 Cultural Engagement Lessons from Acts 17

Cultural Engagement Got a cultural engagement question for you today: Ever wonder how you can better engage with that skeptical co-worker, friend or family member? How should we interact with the broader culture as ambassadors of Christ? Besides teaching Christian Apologetics at William Jessup University, I’m also a cultural engagement fellow at Dallas Theological Seminary. One of […]

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5 Useful Facts for Defending the Resurrection of Jesus

Defending the Resurrection of Jesus in Everyday Conversations In this accessible apologetics video, I train Christians to defend the resurrection of Jesus in everyday conversations, focusing on the “minimal facts” approach I learned from Dr. Gary Habermas. My goal here is to help you remember some good talking points, so you’ll have them ready when you need […]

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Truth Matters – Confident Faith in a Confusing World

Speaking of Faith When I was a student ministries pastor in Northern California, a parent in our church gave me a book called, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers. According to the authors, most teens aren’t well-equipped to talk about their faith or spiritual things in general. This was something I saw […]

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