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The Resurrection of Jesus: An Unlikely Easter Conversation

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally One Easter, a relative cornered me at a family reunion and wanted to talk about the resurrection of Jesus. Let’s just call her my dear Aunt Sally. Some people try to stay away from politics and religion a parties. Not Aunt Sally. :-) Aunt Sally took a Religious Studies class […]

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Think Christianly by Jonathan Morrow – Book Review

A Review of Think Christianly It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review and I wanted to quickly share a few thoughts about a great new book I was given on engaging our culture as a Christian ambassador. It’s called Think Christianly: Looking at the Intersection of Faith and Culture by Jonathan Morrow. The first […]

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The Reason Rally and Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

The Reason Rally On March 24, Richard Dawkins and a number of outspoken atheists plan to gather in Washington D.C. for what is being called “the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history.” One of the goals of the Reason Rally  is to celebrate atheism and advance secularism in society. Here’s what stands out […]

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Did Jesus Say He Was God?

Did Jesus Say He Was God? What would you say if someone asked you, “Did Jesus say He was God?” In this post, I’ll give you a few talking points that you can use to give a thoughtful response to a question like this. But first, let me tell you a little story. One day, I […]

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Former Skeptic: Understanding Apologetics was a Turning Point

Here’s another exclusive guest post from one of my undergraduate Apologetics students. Cameron Thorn is a junior at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA who says that understanding apologetics was turning point in his life. Like fellow classmate, Corrine Hudson, Cameron was excited by the things we discussed last semester. See why this former skeptic now sees […]

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7 Apologetics Ministry Highlights from 2011

This year, I’ve been blessed to see God using my teaching, speaking and training ministry to develop future defenders of the faith in new ways. In this post, I’ll share just 7 apologetics ministry highlights from 2011. Remember, we’re in this thing together. If God can use me, He can use you! Let me start […]

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Student Guest Post – “My Life-Changing Apologetics Class”

As the Fall semester comes to a close, I’m pleased to feature an exclusive guest post from one of my undergraduate students, Corinne Hudson—a senior at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA who says that an apologetics class should be required for all Christian college students. See how this semester gave Corinne the confidence she needed to be […]

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Gift Ideas: 8 Great Books that Rocked My World

Gift Books for Christians Wondering what to give that Christian friend or family member who shares your passion for loving God with your mind as well as your emotions? Last year, I featured gift books for both skeptics and believers. This year, I’m focusing in on gifts for your Christian brothers and sisters that will […]

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10 Surprisingly Simple Tips for Talking with Cult Members – Part 3

Here’s Your Chance Want to talk to your Mormon friend about the real Jesus? What about the Jehovah’s Witness who knocks on your door? When an opportunity arises, it might be God saying, “Here’s your chance. Take it.” In this series, I’m sharing 10 surprisingly simple tips for talking to cult members. For this, I’m […]

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Christian Parenting – Raising Your Kids to Be Lifelong Believers

Parenting and Apologetics How is Christian parenting related to apologetics? In this post, my friend, Sarah Ankenman, talks about raising your kids to be life-long believers in Christ. And she explains why both mom and dad need to be equipped to defend the faith. Sarah’s the President of the International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA). […]

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