Holy Week – Meaning, Significance, and Truth


Podcast on Key Events of the Passion Week

What does Holy Week mean?

Holy Week, or the Passion Week, refers to the last week of Lent where Christians focus on key events in Jesus’ life during the days leading up to Easter.

After Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, many Christians gather together for Maundy (or “Commandment”) Thursday, focusing on the Last Supper, Jesus washing his disciples’ feet and commanding them to love each other by doing the same.

Next, Good Friday services remember Jesus’ arrest, trial, suffering, crucifixion, and burial. The climax of the season of Lent is Holy Saturday, where many Christians gather to reflect and wait for Easter. After Lent, Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

These are historic practices which are no longer observed only by mainline denominations, but in many churches across the Evangelical world. But some wonder, what do the Holy Week events themselves mean?

Five Key Events

mikel-delrosario-podcast-150x150In this Table podcast, I  walk you through discovering the meaning, significance, and truth behind five key Passion Week events: The Last Supper, Jesus’ Jewish Examination, Jesus’ trial before Pilate, Jesus’ crucifixion, and the discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb.

I was pleased to guest host the show a fourth time, interviewing my mentor Darrell Bock, Jim Allman, and Mark Bailey.


Podcast Outline

Key points of our conversation on the Passion Week:

  1. Understanding Jesus’ reorientation of the Last Supper
  2. Faith, remembrance, and Lord’s Supper
  3. Jesus’ Jewish examination and his claims to authority
  4. How Psalm 110 helps explain Jesus’ claim to be the Messiah
  5. How Daniel 7 helps explain Jesus’ claim to be the Son of Man
  6. How an apocryphal Jewish text, 1 Enoch 62, helps explain the blasphemy charge
  7. The Jewish charge of blasphemy and the Roman charge of sedition
  8. How Psalm 22 helps explain Jesus’ words from the cross
  9. The first witnesses to Jesus’ empty tomb
  10. The location of Jesus’ empty tomb
  11. The meaning of Jesus’ resurrection

Watch the video, download the audio or PDF transcript below.

Various Speakers - April 12, 2017

Understanding the Passion Week

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Darrell Bock is the Senior Research Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Jim Allman is professor of Old Testament studies at DTS. Mark Bailey is President of Dallas Theological Seminary and senior professor of Bible exposition.


Note: This Table Podcast episode first appeared on the Dallas Theological Seminary Web page: Understanding the Passion Week. Mikel is the Cultural Engagement Manager at the Hendricks Center.

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