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Podcast on Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

While many Christians have no problem immediately answering “yes,” most people want more evidence for the resurrection of Jesus than “the Bible tells me so.” Before they even consider giving this idea the time of day, they want to know if this is all just a matter of blind faith. Indeed, the Bible is no longer the answer for most people in the public square. For them, the Bible is the question. Why believe what it says about the resurrection of Jesus?

That’s what this podcast is all about; an approach to talking with our skeptical friends and our skeptical neighbors about the resurrection of Jesus. Many people have never heard that it’s even possible to investigate the resurrection reports historically. How can skeptics to look into the historical evidence for themselves?

mikel-delrosario-podcast-150x150On this episode of the Table Podcast, we investigate the earliest historical data surrounding the resurrection of Jesus, sharing key ancient sources so a person who does not assume the New Testament documents are supernaturally inspired or inerrant can still examine the evidence. I was pleased to guest host the show a second time, once again interviewing my mentor Darrell Bock and Justin Bass.


Podcast Outline

Key points of our conversation on the resurrection of Jesus:

  1. How to talk about the resurrection of Jesus in a skeptical context
  2. Ancient sources for investigating the crucifixion, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus
  3. What about differences in reports of Jesus’ empty tomb? Are these contradictions?
  4. Did Paul see the risen Jesus or just a vision of Jesus?
  5. Can we really investigate the historicity of reported miracles like the resurrection of Jesus?

Watch the video, download the audio or PDF transcript below.

Various Speakers - March 22, 2016

Investigating the Resurrection of Jesus

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Darrell Bock is the Senior Research Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. Justin Bass is an adjunct New Testament professor at DTS and the lead pastor of 1042 Church in Frisco, TX.

Note: This Table Podcast episode first appeared on the Dallas Theological Seminary Web page: Investigating the Resurrection of Jesus. Mikel is the Cultural Engagement assistant at the Hendricks Center. 


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