Apologetics Event Tip #5 – Plan for Your Audio Visual Needs


Apologetics Event Planning for Churches

Here’s the next part of my special video series on tips for people who looking to put on an apologetics event. I shot these “tips from the road” videos to help you begin planning your conference. If you find this tip helpful, please check out my series of 6 free webinars, too!

Quick summary: Here’s where we’ve been together so far: 

In today’s video, I share Tip #5 for putting on your next apologetics event:

Event Tip #5: Plan for Your Audio/Visual Needs

My next tip is this: Plan for your audio/visual needs. I suggest asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you want audio and/or video recordings of the plenary presentations made?
  2. Do you want audio and/or video recordings of the breakout sessions made?
  3. If so, can you have a dedicated person in each room to oversee the recordings?
  4. Do you have enough mics and cameras for each room?
  5. If you’re making videos, are the rooms well-light?
  6. How can they save the audio and/or video and get it to where it needs to go so your recordings can be shared?
  7. How do you plan to make the recordings available?


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