Apologetics Event Tip #4 – Know Your Audience

Apologetics Event Planning for Churches

Here’s the next installment in my video series on tips for pastors or ministry leaders who are interested in organizing apologetics conferences. My hope is that these “tips from the road” videos—along with my series of 6 free webinars—will be helpful as you get started with planning your event. More on the webinars later.

For now, here’s a quick summary of where we’ve been: 

In today’s video, we’ll take a quick look at Tip #4: Know your audience.

Event Tip #4 Know Your Audience

Today’s tip is to know your audience. Understanding the kinds of people you’d like to invite to your event will help you conceptualize the main program.

Consider asking these 7 questions:

  1. Will this primarily be a training event for Christians?
  2. Will this primarily be an outreach for skeptics?
  3. Will it be a mixture of both?
  4. What’s the average age of your participants?
  5. How much to they already know about Christian apologetics?
  6. What do they still need to know?
  7. What do you want them to do after the event?

After asking these questions, you should have a better idea of what your event needs to communicate, why your presenters should share these things, who your event is primarily going to serve and what you want your participants to do after the conference.

One more thing: If you aren’t sure what your audience needs to know, ask them! You could consider running an informal poll on Facebook or look into using something like Survey MonkeyPoll Daddy or Poll Everywhere.



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