Apologetics Event Tip #2 – Define Your Key Messages

Event Planning for Apologetics Ministry Leaders

Last month, I started a new series of videos for ministry leaders who have a vision for bringing an apologetics event to their churches. In these clips, I give you a few quick “tips from the road” to help you think through the details of organizing your first event.

My first video encouraged you to build yourself a leadership team instead to trying to do all the work by yourself. Today, I’m sharing a quick tip about defining your key messages. Check it out.

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Event Tip #2 Define Your Key Messages

What are the key messages you’d like your participants to walk away with after your apologetics event?

Defining your key messages can help you plan out the perfect flow of your entire conference.  For example, your event might follow a Classical Apologetics method by beginning with arguments for the existence of God and then progressing through a series of topics, like the problem of evil, culminating in a talk on the historical evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection.

Defining your key messages can help you create your program, as well as determine the kinds of presentations and speakers you might like to have at your apologetics event. I suggest sharing 4-5 key messages, at most, if your conference meets over a couple of days.

Example Weekend Schedule

Here are some presentations I do for churches and apologetics conferences. If I were to organize these topics for a weekend conference, it might look something like this.

Friday night

  • Does God Exist?
  • Does Evil Disprove God?

Saturday morning

  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?


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