My Radio Interview – Can God and Evil Co-Exist?

My Interview on U2 Have Hope

On this episode of U2 Have Hope, Carrie Cooper talks with me about the question “Can God and Evil Co-exist?” But this isn’t just a philosophical thing for Carrie. For years, she suffered with a debilitating disease, struggling with pain, isolation and depression. But after several years, her health improved and she founded Comfort and Compassion Ministry, which later became U2HaveHope. What do Christians need to know in order to respond to the problem of evil? That… is what this interview is all about. Listen to our conversation on responding to the problem of evil.

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mikel-delrosario-radioU2HaveHope airs on 91.3 FM KDKR (Dallas/Ft.Worth) and their network stations across the country. This show focuses on teaching listeners the “how to” of bible study as well as introducing basic apologetic topics. My segment aired at 4:00 PM (CST) on June 7, 2014. Listen to the complete show here.

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