How to Run an Accessible Apologetics Conference – Free Course

Want to Bring an Apologetics Event to Your Church?

I remember being so excited the first time I dared to dream big about doing something like this—but it was also kind of scary! I had all kinds of questions, like:

  • “Who could I invite to speak?”
  • “How much is this gonna cost?”
  • “How do I even begin planning something huge like this?”

Maybe you know what I mean.

But even after you’ve run your first event, you might still have questions about a better way to handle registration, take care of your attendees, or even how to run a larger conference with multiple speakers and breakout sessions.

If God’s given you a call to bring an apologetics conference to your church, I want you to get my free course.


Get My Free Course

I’ve created a series of 6 short webinars that will help you plan, organize and coordinate a successful apologetics conference. They’re less than 8 minutes each and include helpful planning worksheets, too.

I want you to benefit from the things I’ve learned the hard way through my experiences with all aspects of these events–as a speaker, event staff member, and conference organizer. This course will help you think through the details from start to finish.


How to Run an Accessible Apologetics Conference is a practical series of 6 webinars. You’ll learn how to:

  • Strategically plan your event
  • Set the best ticket price
  • Promote your event
  • Streamline registration
  • Take care of your speakers…and more!

I’m really excited about these short videos I created with my friend, Dena Davidson (M.A. Apologetics, Biola University). She’s coordinated some major apologetics events, including one with over 3,000 participants!

I spent about 150 hours working on this free resource because I want to help you work smarter and not harder when it comes to bringing an accessible apologetics event to your church.

We think you’ll find this course very helpful. Sign up below.

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