7 Apologetics Ministry Highlights from 2011

This year, I’ve been blessed to see God using my teaching, speaking and training ministry to develop future defenders of the faith in new ways. In this post, I’ll share just 7 apologetics ministry highlights from 2011. Remember, we’re in this thing together. If God can use me, He can use you! Let me start out with a couple of “firsts.”

7 Ministry Highlights

1. I spoke at the 1st apologetics conference in British Columbia, Canada

In March, I took a flight to Vancouver for the very first apologetics conference in British Columbia–The Apologetics Canada Conference, organized by my friend and fellow Apologetics.com staff member, Andy Steiger.

What an honor to hang in the green room as a speaker with the likes of Greg Koukl, Craig Hazen, John Mark Reynolds, and others. We had nearly 600 people travel to Coquitlam Alliance Church for this event!

Students loved this. Play this video clip to see why students say apologetics is so important (48 sec).

2. I spoke at the 1st apologetics conference at Bridgeway Christian Church

In April, I was featured as a plenary speaker alongside Biola University professors, J.P. Moreland, Craig Hazen, and Clay Jones, at Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World, hosted by Bridgeway Christian Church in Rocklin, CA. It was exciting to organize this event with Biola University. Over 600 people participated!

Watch a clip of my plenary talk on using stories, objects and illustrations to explain the fatih in this video clip (2:39). Missed this event? Download the complete plenary sessions here (MP3s).

3. I taught an apologetics course at William Jessup University

In August, I began teaching my first Christian Apologetics course as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. The class got a great response and you can read one student’s description of her experience here: College Student: My Life-Changing Apologetics Class.

4. I taught an apologetics course at Western Seminary

In September, I began teaching my first Christian Apologetics course as an adjunct professor at Western Seminary (Sacramento, CA campus). What was so amazing about this opportunity is that it wasn’t even on my radar. The seminary just called me up and began the discussion after seeing me at Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World. What an honor it was to train local pastors and future Christian leaders to be more effective in evangelism and training their church family to defend the faith.

5. I spoke at the 16th Annual Reasons to Believe conference

That same month, I closed out the 16th Annual Reasons to Believe Conference at South Valley Community Church in Gilroy, CA. This series included presentations by Greg Koukl and Sean McDowell.

I also got to meet fellow Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) member Neil Mammen of No Blind Faith at the event. University of Phoenix recognized me for this presentation in Faculty Matters magazine.

Play this short video clip to see Pastor Mark Turner’s review of my presentation (42 sec).

6. I taught an apologetics course at Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy

In October, I taught my first apologetics course online. Earlier this year, Anthony Horvath invited me to teach for Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy as part of the site’s re-launch. Another new class (Logic) was taught by my friend, Brian Auten of Apologetics 315.

7. I released the Accessible Apologetics Workbook on Amazon.com

In November, the Accessible Apologetics Workbook used by participants in my live workshops became available on Amazon.com. Participants in my live workshops really appreciated having a high-quality, professionally printed workbook to keep as a resource after completing the 5-week sessions. Look inside the workbook here.

Now Hear This

Listen to how I described my ministry highlights from 2011 on the Apologetics.com radio show (New Year Edition) live on KKLA 99.5 FM [Edit: During this time, I was a blogging contributor for Apologetics.com]Click the thumbnail to listen to the 5 min clip.


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