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It’s all good! I’m here to help you and your church defend the faith with confidence. Get started with the apologetics blog for everyday defenders of the faith:

Read My Top 10 Articles on the Basics of Apologetics

What is Apologetics?
It’s a defense. It helps confirm our faith is true.
God also uses it to help skeptics find Him. [Leer en Español]

Why Share Reasons to Believe?
Follow Jesus’ example of sharing reasons to believe
and giving evidence for the truth. [Leer en Español]

apologetics-sports-illustrationHow to Defend a Defense of the Faith (With Scripture)
More Biblical reasons to defend the faith from Jesus, Jude,
Luke, Peter and Paul—with a super-easy mnemonic device!

Why Study Apologetics?
It’s part of being an ambassador of Jesus.
When people ask, let’s have answers.

.Defend without Getting Defensive
Get your skeptical friend thinking by asking
sincere, but strategic questions.

Argue without Being Argumentative
Clarify terms to overcome objections to apologetics.
Good arguments can help us discover truth.

Speaking the Truth in Love
William Lane Craig taught me that apologetics is about truth and love.
False ideas and unloving attitudes are the total opposite of that.

everyday-apologeticsThe 3 Essential Elements of Everyday Apologetics
Find answers for yourself. Share answers with others.
Be a wise, memorable ambassador who listens.

apologetics-faith-illustrationHow to Illustrate Biblical Faith
“Blind faith” is kind of like chucking a coin into fountain. You’ve got nothing.
But biblical faith is more like tracking a package—Easy illustration you can use today!


3 Cultural Engagement Lessons from Acts 17
Ever wonder how to engage with that skeptical co-worker, friend or family member? Here’s how to interact with the broader culture as ambassadors of Christ.




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