Review: Why Trust Jesus?

Why Trust Jesus?

Today, I’m reviewing Dave Sterrett’s Why Trust Jesus? An Honest Look at Doubts, Plans, Hurts, Desires, Fears, Questions and Pleasures.

I first connected with Dave through an apologetics group on Facebook and he recently sent me a signed copy of his book for my review. If you’ve never heard of Dave, the foreword contributed by Norman Geisler and afterword by Josh McDowell might make you curious about his work. It certainly intrigued me. True to its title, this book speaks to the real question often lurking behind intellectual objections to Christianity: Why should I trust Jesus?

Check out how Dave explains the heart of his book in this video clip:


I enjoyed Why Trust Jesus? and I encourage you to look inside this book on Amazon to check it out for yourself.

But here’s a quick snapshot. Dave asks great questions like, “Why should I trust Jesus…

  • When I’m not sure that a supernatural God is real?
  • When there are so many other spiritual paths?
  • When I have been let down so many times?

This list goes on. Dave has a relational writing style. He answers objections and explains reasons to believe at a relaxed pace—like he’s having coffee with a friend. He guides you through a basic understanding of theistic arguments, the problem of evil, the evidence for the resurrection and more.

This isn’t the next Reasonable Faith. But it’s not meant to be. If you’re new to a lot of this apologetics stuff, this is the kind of book that will help you be a better ambassador of Jesus.

It’s also something you could give to an honest, everyday seeker who’s not looking for a sophisticated philosophical work on religious epistemology.

I like this approach. It’s similar to mine–taking scholarly material he learned from some of the best (like Gary Habermas, Norman Geisler, and others) and making it accessible. You’ll find personal stories, illustrations, and quotes from scholars like C.S. Lewis and pop culture icons like Bono make these ideas memorable.

Why Trust Jesus? is a fairly short (176 pages), popular level text that’s truly accessible. I highly recommend it. I’d also appreciate it if you’d buy this book through my special affiliate link, which supports my academic and ministry needs. No pressure. But I’d be super-grateful it you did!

Here’s the special link. Click here to buy this book on

Note: A free copy of this book was provided to Mikel courtesy of the author, Dave Sterrett. Purchasing resources through the links on this page will help support my accessible apologetics training ministry.


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