O Canada!

Where do you go for Christian apologetics training in Canada? Before 2007, Paul Chamberlain would have said, “virtually nowhere.” Today, Paul’s the Director of the Institute for Christian Apologetics at Trinity Western University. Although things have improved since 2007, the need for accessible apologetics training continues to grow—especially among students.

I’m excited to be teaming up with my friends at Apologetics.com who are working with Trinity Western and Biola University to help equip our brothers and sisters up north. This week, I booked a flight for my first speaking engagement to Canada. We’ll be training about 700 believers—including 250 students—at what I understand is the first apologetics conference in British Columbia.

The featured speakers at this event are Greg Kokul, Craig Hazen, John Mark Reynolds and Steven Collins. Check out the event Web site: Apologetics Canada Conference: Believers Thinking. Thinkers Believing.

My workshop is called “Thinking About Evil: Why Does God Allow Suffering?” I’m expanding on the presentation I gave at the Bayside Apologetics Conference (Featuring J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig) a few months ago.

I’m honored to once again be on the speakers’ list alongside Craig Hazen and other expert apologists from Biola, my alma mater.

Hard to imagine I only started this blog about 8 months ago. I’m not a national speaker or big-name, but I’m here to share what I’ve learned over more than a decade of ministry and helping Christians defend the faith. Pray for me as I prepare for this trip, happening on March 4.

Remember, if God can use me, He can use you. We’re in this thing together. Let’s get out there and give ’em heaven.


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