Craig Meets Dawkins

This morning, William Lane Craig is in Mexico participating in a panel debate at La Cuidad De Las Ideas called, “Does the Universe Have a Purpose?” It’s part of the third annual Festival Internacional de Mentes Brillantes (International Festival of Great Minds). This year, the conference theme is: “The Origins of the Future—A Life Experience: Rebirth.”

Yesterday, he wrote about meeting Richard Dawkins. Here’s how he described it on Facebook:

I stuck out my hand and introduced myself and said, “I’m surspised to see that you´re on the panel.”

He replied, “And why not?”

I said, ¨Well, you’ve always refused to debate me.”

His tone suddenly became icy cold.  “I don’t consider this to be a debate with you.  The Mexicans invited me to participate, and I accepted.” At that, he turned away.

“Well, I hope we have a good discussion,” I said.

“I very much doubt it,” he said and walked off.

Check out the full text of his Facebook note. You might imagine what the discussion could look like by reading Craig’s response to Dawkins’ central argument in The God Delusion. You can also listen to Craig’s response here.

Here’s what the six-man panel looks like:
  • Affirmative: Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig, Douglas Geivett
  • Negative: Matt Ridley, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins
Incidentally, Doug Geivett (one of my former bosses at Talbot School of Theology) recently debated Michael Shermer as well. This panel debate could be very exciting.
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