New Lesson on Jesus’ Resurrection

Learn MoreDid Jesus Rise from the Dead? What evidence do we have? Today, I’m releasing Lesson 5  of my new Accessible Apologetics curriculum: “Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?”

I’ve had a lot of people requesting my notes from this workshop. Now, you can have the exact same materials I use—down to the student guides and PowerPoint presentation! This lesson is based on the way I learned to defend the Resurrection of Jesus from Gary Habermas using five “minimal” facts—but in a way that’s really approachable and even fun.

This is a study that’s great for both youth and adults. You’ll get students up out of their seats and use a drawing/charades game to introduce your points throughout the lesson. You’ll also have the option of helping your students memorize some of this material by using a cup of tea. For real.

I’m excited to get this into your hands. Learn more about this lesson: “Dead or Alive: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

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