Mikel on Apologetics 315

Heard the latest Apologist Interview on Apologetics 315? Brian Auten regularly interviews national speakers and expert apologists for his international audience. Some of his recent apologist interviews include conversations with Biola University Professors Doug Geivett, Scott Smith, Craig Hazen, Clay Jones and J.P. Moreland. So one day, he contacts me and invites me to be a part of this ongoing series. Sweet!

You can grab the complete audio file here and learn all about:

  • How I got my start in Christian Apologetics by working for J.P. Moreland.
  • How I defended the faith in a legal deposition.
  • How I got apologetics training into small, medium and large churches.
  • How I use drawings and games to bring accessible apologetics training to students.
  • And more!

I recommend downloading the full audio of my interview rather than streaming it (I hear this is a better experience for most of my readers). Feel free to leave Brian some feedback on his blog if you like. He really does a great job with these apologist interviews.

Brian’s an American living in Northern Ireland, and we did this thing via Skype. I think it worked well enough. This was actually my very first time using Skype! I’d love to hear any comments you might have.

Listen in right now: Apologetics 315 Interviews Mikel Del Rosario.


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