Bayside Apologetics Report

About 1,350 people showed up to the Bayside Apologetics Seminar last weekend and about 200 of them packed out the Bayside Video Cafe for my 8:00 AM talk: “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” It was an honor to speak at a high-profile event featuring J.P. Moreland and William Lane Craig—two of the top Christian philosophers in the world.

My friend, Dena Jackson, did an excellent job coordinating this highly successful weekend event. She gave us an exculsive video update on the last day of the seminar while J.P. Moreland was presenting his case for the soul:

Want to know more? I’ll be doing a series of posts to give you a flavor of some of the weekend’s sights and sounds. If you were there, I invite you to post your thoughts on specific lectures and things you learned. Look for more exclusive videos shot just for you as well.

Edit: I’ll be updating this entry with relevant links as new reviews related to the event are posted:

  1. Stephen Notman and Holly Ordway’s “Inside the Mind of An Atheist.” (8/29)

Stay tuned for more!

Discover books by the Bayside Apologetics Seminar speakers:
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