Leading Youth Workshops at Biola

Next weekend, I’ll be leading apologetics workshops for the Regeneration youth conference at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. As a Filipino-American and a former missionary to the Philippines, I’ve got some unique ties to this event.

Regeneration Ministries was started by Filipino-American students who saw their disillusioned peers, disconnected from Filipino-immigrant fellowships, leaving the church to search for answers and acceptance in mainstream culture. I keynoted for their conference at Azusa Pacific University in 2007, and I’m excited to serve once again—this time at my alma mater.

Since I’ve been asked to help high schoolers answer tough questions about the faith, I’m drawing on my experience as a youth pastor and Christian educator. For example, I had an ongoing thing with my Bay Area youth group called “Open Mic,” where they could ask questions about the Bible, religion, ethics or whatever. My July 10 workshop’s called, “FAQs: How to answer tough questions about the faith…without making it all awkward!” It’s all happening at 1:15PM and again at 4:00PM. We’ll be talking about questions like these:

  • Is faith opposed to reason?
  • How do I know that Christianity is true?
  • Isn’t it intolerant to say other religions are wrong about God?
  • How can I talk to my friends about my faith without it getting all weird?
  • And more…

While I’m on campus, I’ll also meet Harry Edwards from Apologetics.com and briefly address Biola students in a Philosophy of Religion class taught by Scott Smith, who advised me throughout my time in the M.A. Christian Apologetics program. You can find out more about the Regeneration conference by visiting the ReGen Ministries Web site.

 How about you? How have you helped students work through the hard questions and equipped them with real answers? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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