Mikel’s Weekend at Biola University

I just got back from a weekend of training youth and visiting friends at Biola University—my alma mater. After checking in to Welch Apartments, I had dinner with Dr. Craig Hazen and dropped by the Collegium to connect with Dena Jackson and other students in the M.A. Christian Apologetics Summer Residency. I was pleasantly surprised to meet one of my high school classmates, Phil Garwood, who’s completing the program via distance education!

The next day, I led two apologetics workshops for predominently Filipino-American students attending the Regeneration Youth Conference. In between sessions, I dropped by Dr. Scott Smith’s Philosophy of Religion class and shared how my course of study has benefitted my ministry in a number of ways; from working with youth, to overseas missions, and even defending a biblical view of sexuality in a legal deposition. My point was that you never know what God’s preparing you for. So learn all you can and be looking for the opportunities that God’s put in your path.

Yesterday, I addressed the general session at Regeneration and talked about the importance of apologetics training for today’s youth.  I’m excited for opportunities to come alongside Filipino-American churches and equip their students for ministry. For example, I’m now offering Filipino worldview training before short-term missions trips. This customized program draws from my understanding of the animistic roots of the Filipino worldview and religious pluralism expressed in popular Filipino culture. This also includes tactics for talking with members of Filipino cult groups like Iglesia Ni Cristo and El Shaddai. As far as I know, no one else is offering this kind of training.

Know anyone leading a team to the Philippines? Need a speaker for your group? I’ve officially launched my apologetics ministry!

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2 Responses to “Mikel’s Weekend at Biola University”

  1. Marlyn Del Rosario July 16, 2010 5:29 PM

    Thanks so much for your apologetics workshops for Filipino-American students and your Filipino worldview training for those interested in short-term missions to the Philippines! Would you be open to come to the Philippines and give your Apologetics & Filipino worldview seminar workshops to pastors, missionaries, and students? We would greatly benefit from it! – Dr. Marlyn Del Rosario, Messiah College, Philippines

  2. Mikel July 16, 2010 9:40 PM

    Hi, Mama! I enjoyed equipping our TESOL students and undergrads in worldview analysis and development. No plans to return right now, but you’ll see more and more of my teaching online! For now, Here’s a preview. BTW, that’s a cool-looking Web site you got there. Love you, Mama.